Doug Whitaker

Head Coach, Co-Owner

Doug is a passionate coach and family man that believes and trains his athletes to think of CrossFit as a lifestyle journey that encourages health, safety and efficiency. With over 10,000 coaching hours, Doug is a CrossFit level 3 with certifications in CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting (w/ Mike Burgener) and CrossFit Gymnastics. He also has experience training with the CrossFit Headquarters seminar staff and has attended courses in i99 Gymnastics (for Coaches), Caffeine and Kilos (Cal Strength), and Wilkes Weightlifting. 

Darlene Dollar

Coach, Co-Owner

Darlene is a Level 1 CrossFit coach and Co-Owner at CrossFit Almighty. She has certifications in Olympic Weightlifting (w/Mike Burgener) and CrossFit gymnastics. She has been an avid CrossFitter since 2011 and Coach since 2017. She is the mother of a 15 Year old son and a 6 year old daughter.

Charis Potoczek


Charis is a CFL-1 who has been a CrossFit althlete for eight years; combined with two years of coaching experience.  She takes a goal orientated approach to coaching her athletes and enjoys helping them reach their personal goals and beyond. "Fitness is personal, helping clients hone in on their "why's" and short and long term goals is key to building a foundation for lifetime fitness" - Charis P.